Monday, October 16, 2006

All change at the factory

Since August the have been a pile of changes.

First, the shift boss has been asked to sort out another team that is having problems. He said he would only do it if he could take certain key personnel with him. He wanted Laurent, and asked Laurent if there was anyone that he would take. Laurent recommended me.

So Laurent & I have changed teams and I'm back with the team I was with when I started this blog back in Jan/Feb. So goodbye Nounours and Gerard and hallo again Ludo and the Marseillais and Super Mario.

The first few weeks were really shit because we were moving into a team that wasn't keen to change or accept us. But time and shared tribulation is slowly bonding us together.

I'm spending more time setting up the STP press for the team that follows us, and they've started training me on the transbordeur. All in all, its looking promising for a CDI in the new year.

There is also a new factory director, and in a new safety initiative we now all have to wear safety helmets.

Live Pigeon Blogging

Way back in May my pigeon loft was finished and I took delivery of 8 pigeons from Marcel.
I got another 6 from M. Broyeau. He tagged his males and the six birds from him were bigger than Marcels. I think now, it ws just that marcel's birds were younger.
All 14 birds are looking fat and healthy and there has been more and more cooing going on.
Pigeons reach sexual maturity at 5-6 months. Which is about now. At the end of last month one of the birds laid an egg, but it was abandoned. Today tho, there are 2 eggs in a nest and they are being looked after. So far I have only seen the cock bird on the nest.

Here are some other picks of the darlings:-

Eggs take about 20 days to hatch. So these babies should be cheeping by the first week of November. I hope the rest of the birds get a move on.

If you got to this page searching for pigeon info, here are some useful links:
Raising pigeons and squabs for fun and food
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Monday, October 02, 2006

More sad number spotting

After having been stuck on 14 (Calvados) for ages, on Friday I drove my in-laws to the airport at Limoges and saw:
15 - Cantal
16 - Charente
17 - Charente Maritime
18 - Cher
19 - Corr├Ęze

Unfortunately it now means I am looking for the two 20s - 2A and 2B North and South Corsica. That is going to take years. How many Corsicans bring their cars to the Charente?