Friday, March 20, 2009


Here is today's lesson:
When using a chainsaw, always use two hands to hold the chainsaw, and wear gloves.

I should be relieved I didn't cut my bloody hand off. Quel con!

In full Spring mode, I had cut back a hazel nut tree and was using the chain saw to cut up the trunks and branches for firewood in a few years. My chainsaw is quite light, it has a 40 cm blade. Fiona was using shears to cut off the smaller branches, some of which we'll keep for kindling and the rest will be put on the bonfire.

I had developed the lazy and dangerous habit of sometimes holding a slimmer branch in my left hand and the chainsaws one-handed in my right, and using the chainsaw to trim off twiggy bits.

Suddenly the chain bit into the junction between twig and branch and pulled the branch (and my hand) into the chain.

Some choice swear words followed, followed by the immnse relief that my stupidity had only inflicted a small wound and not left me handicapped and unemployable.

Because I'm a craven coward I decided immediately that I didn't have to see a doctor. A doctor might decide to stitch it! Lots of thick dark blood pouring out of it convinced me that it was flushed clean. Obviously I wasn't going to be catching tiles at the factory the next day. I phoned in to tell them, and the next day saw the doctor to get signed off for a day or two. The toubib signed me off for a week! Happy days! The weather report says subshine through to Sunday.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I don't shower in your toilet...

Jesus some people are disgusting pigs.
We had our monthly meeting last week. Every month the bosses get each tem in and discusses safety, quality and performance figures with them. It's actually quite useful. They often bring in examples of the tiles made by each team, and show what was wrong with them and how many had to be chucked in the bin. Anyway. At the end of this meeting we get to the stage of "any other business". All this stuff is written up on a board in front by the way, so we get a chance to read ahead, (and think up excuses). At the bottom of the board in the "other business" section is written. "some of the teams have a cleanliness issue in the showers" It turns out there is someone who is shitting in the showers.
In the men's block there are five shower cubicles. What is this sick bastard thinking? If the showers weren't cleaned what was he going to do after day 5? The lady who cleans up is a lovely young woman from Madagascar. Another case of immigrants doing the work that locals think is beneath them. I swear this cleaner is the most valuable employee the factory has. This poor lady has to occasionally face a turd in the showers. Her job is rough enough having to clean the toilets and showers and change rooms as it is without facing the filth of some sick bastard.
I swear if I was management I'd get everyone to sign a paper agreeing that it's an instant sacking offence and then locate the bastard. It can't be too difficult. A check on the showers at the start of each shift will quickly identify which is the guilty team. Once that's done it should be easy to find out who, in that team, showers. I never use the work showers (people shit in them for a start!) I'd rather have a bath when I get home. It should be straightforward to narrow it down to a handful of people. From there, questioning colleagues and knowledge of people's character should be able to narrow it down further. What happens when the shitter goes on holiday? Suddenly the showers are clean for 3 weeks until he gets back? Disgraceful behaviour.
Back to this meeting. It's held in a little office near the kilns. And this time, the air conditioning wasn't working. And the meeting was held as we started our middday shift. So the team before us had just finished their meeting and had spent 45 minutes in this room before us. When we filed in the air was thick. There's your main problem I thought. Not that "some of the teams have a cleanliness issue in the showers" but more like some of the teams never seem to shower at all.


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