Thursday, May 25, 2006

Skeptics Circle

A site that I read daily is Skeptico mainly for his excellent content, but also because his list of links saves me from having to make my own.
I am flattered to have been mentioned in Skeptics circle for the post on Bracchiumism.
Shared reading includes Skeptic Rant, Rockstar's Ramblings, Photon in the Darkness, Bad Astronomy, Respectful Insolence and more.

In fact Bad Astronomy is responsible for my lost blogging time as I got sucked into the madness that is the world of Eric Julien and his apocalyptic visions for 25th May.
WHAT? That's today! And his predictions haven't panned out? What a surprise!
On my last read I notice that he has extended the time frame to include parts of June what with Blue Aliens being bad at communicating time via crop circles, so there is still time left for his LUDICROUS scenario to coem to pass.

I spent way too much time on his forum, trying to talk sence to the crazies. First our posts were deleted and then we were barred and finally the forums locked down because of our negative influences. In one of his final posts Julien said "Now is the time to act. We have not the time to play with the children. So, I have decided to ban SYSTEMATICALLY any member disturbing the energy involved for preventing the death of millions of people."
Tres drole.


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