Friday, May 08, 2009

La Fesse

There's a comic on the French radio station Rire et Chansons called Jean-Yves LaFesse. His schtick is telephone gags. I heard this one the other day and it had me laughing out loud.
He's making out to be an old lady hard of hearing and he's phoned these people pretending to be a friend of the family. As she mishears the conversation she gets at cross purposes about the health of the couples' mother and as they try and explain it gets worse and worse.
When they say "Elle n'a rien" She mishears "rein" and thinks the mother has kidney trouble. When they say that there has been no "accident" she pics up on "dent" and thinks the mother has problems with her teeth. "rien de grave" gets misheard for "greffe" or graft. And finally, as the woman on the phone breaks down with laughter Madame Moisan thinks she's crying.
Have a listen, it'll be good for your French.


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