Monday, October 06, 2008

Sad Sack

The guys I get to work with in the factory ....

the press I work at is the oldest press in the place. The last press where a human being has to get his hands in the way and touch a tile. Touch - catch actually. The press runs at 14 tiles per minute and I have to grab these tiles as they fall and do a quarter turn and place them on the wodden pallets behind me.
2500 times per shift. And the heaviest tiles weigh over 7 kilos (15 lbs)
It's a shit job, nobody else wants to do it.
As a result I have a steady stream of gophers to partner me.

The latest is Sad Sack.
God what a useless, shiftless, idle slacker.

every time I look at him I think of this character from Asterix

He's been with me for a few months now and he is still useless. He can't catch the tiles and because he drops them, they end up going round the clay feed and overloading the mill, or causing a blockage on the conveyor belt in the cellar.
We've changed the mill head together umpteen times and he still can't do it on his own, gets things in the wrong sequence and does things half arsed.

He's about 18 or 20 and in good enough shape so I don't understand why he's so crap. The french would describe him as "mou" which means soft or floppy, like Kevin the Teenager. Last week I told him to go tidy up under the grappins while I cleaned the press. he wandered off and a few minutes later whne it hadn't been done he said he couldn't find a shovel. Which means he couldn't be arsed to walk 50 yards to go find one. I've taken to sending him on errands to fetch things to get him the hell out of my way while I get things done. If I hassle him he'll do stuff, but why should I hassle him? I'm not his boss.

With a bit of luck he might be leaving us soon. I can't wait to see who the next gumby is.

In case anyone missed it, this is my beloved press:

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At 3:49 pm, Blogger dND said...

How depressing to have to work with someone like that. I do hope you get someone better soon.

At 5:06 pm, Blogger aims said...

What is with kids these days? Who taught them that jobs are some place to slack off in?

Please tell us you are teaching your kids the proper way to live and work. Remember that song? Teach your children well - their parent's hell...

Good to see you again btw! I was fascinated the first time around with your video - still am.

At 6:42 pm, Blogger pecheur said...

I have a better appreciation of tile making. FOR SURE. I can imagine it might be fun the first week but then like you said I can only imagine how numbing it gets afterwards.

Take care.

Thanks for the video too.

At 11:47 am, Blogger (Very) Lost in France said...

Ah, another fine example of the French education system! Hope he's changed for a better model soon. Our roof tiles were shaped over the thighs of young virgins when the village tile factory was still working (OK, more like over the thighs of old French men really.) Think your way produces better tiles though! VLiF


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