Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plant Exchange

Last weekend we went to our friends, Philippe & Christine Egalité, near Villebois Lavalette for their annual plant exchange. They've been doing this for thast 4 years, friends arrive with seeds and cuttings and cake. Everyone takes home new plants. It is such a fine plan.
Philippe & Christine are well whacky. He plays a pile of instruments and makes a living hosting workshops and going around schools showing kids how to make instruments ouit of anything, vegetables, junk, old tins, pipes.
His alter ego is "Père Cucu" who is a malignant forest gnome. As Père Cucu he puts on a pixie hat, a green beard and french blues, and clogs strapped to his knees as he kneels in front of the audience. So he appears dwarf height. It's horrible. His shows are excellent. he has produced a few cds which he has sold to friends. For you I have uploaded L'Oiseau Migrateur and Petit Cougna. It has an African sound because of the marimba.

L'Oiseau Migrateur
Petit Cougna

In this pic unfortunately Phillippe has his back to us. You can see Fiona and our snake gourds over on the right.

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At 1:05 am, Blogger Daisy said...

Hmm.. I can't get through to the video at the mo, but it sounds pretty scary!! Just in time for Hallowe'en I guess... Are they really called Egalite? That's such a great surname!!


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