Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm on a roll!

trailer frame

After the gate, I'm now progressing nicely with the trailer. It's ridiculous how expensive a new trailer is. I little one will cost 500Euros.
My little blue trailer (you can see the carcass beside me) was made of wood. Because I had been given it, I was a bit careless with it, left it outside too often. So it got rotten, and one day recently, when the guy at the sawmill was lowering a charge of wood into it with his forklift it cracked underneath.
The wooden one also had the axle bolted to the blue box and the towbar bolted to the box, so it was possible for the towbar to come away, and leave the trailer careering down the road.
The new version I've welded up has the towbar integral with the frame. I've also welded on four nifty threaded chain links on the sides that can be used to attach ropes or chains.
Today I must finish decking the floor of the trailer so I ca at least use it to fetch more wood.
Then I must work out a cunning way to build the trailer box, and I want the hinged tailgate to be removeable, so I need to find a plug that can take the 5 wires for the lights/indicators.

The trailer's first job will be to cart the old blue box down to the tip.

In other news, France is in a panic over Tunisian supporters whistling during "The Marseillaise" during the International friendly the other day. This lack of respect for the national anthem is causing angst because it is evident that the Tunisian supporters are in fact French born, children of immigrants.
The locals are full of "send them all home". When I point out that they ARE home the response is "send the whole family home".
The government's response is to abandon any future match where such whistling takes place. the difficulty is that matches are played under FIFA rules. Only the ref has the authority to cancel a match and whistling during the national anthems is not one of FIFA's criterea for abandonment of a match.
There is an added difficulty of trying to get thousands of dissapointed and angry fans out of a stadium after the game they have paid to see has been abandoned because of te actions of a few hundred.

It is EXACTLY like the cricket crisis in the UK a dozen years ago. English people were appalled to discover that the children of immigrants were supporting Pakistan or India during Test matches against England.

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At 8:46 pm, Blogger Breezy said...

Impressive amount of DIYness going on in your neck of the woods Stew. We keep finding paving slabs in various places when we dig down and think HA! a free patio only to find there are about three in total and all we finish up with is a hole

At 11:57 am, Anonymous Dick said...

Sport - football in particular - has become such an effective crucible for racism. No forum for argument thus untrammeled opportunities for its indulgence. And I guess the French North Africans are getting an extra dosage now that it's open season on actual immigrants. Great days...

At 3:15 pm, Blogger travelling, but not in love said...

Sounds just like the cricket crisis. Crazy. I had me a little tunisian moment this weekend too - probably best if I spare you the details....ha ha.

And well done on the trailer thing - you're obviously far handier than I could ever dream of being.

Next time I need some bricolage, I know who I'm calling!


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