Saturday, June 07, 2008

Old & Warty

Wisewoman: When I fancy people, I sleep with them. Oh, I have to drug them first of course! Being so old and warty.

A classic line from Blackadder.

And now I find I am in the same predicament. Of course I don't have to drug the people I fancy, my smooth charm, quick wit and buns of steel still work their magic.

But I do have a wart.

So I've got some stuff called Cryogena. Its an aerosol of liquid nitrogen (I think). You fit a little foam pad into a a plastic key, push the key into the aerosol for a few seconds and then apply the super-cold foam pad to the wart.

The advert shoes a smiling laughing teenager with a skateboard, caring not a jot as his mum zapz his wart.

I did it and it bloody well hurt.

I know the blogosphere are on the edge of their collective seats to find out if the cure worked. I will post phtographic evidence of a wart-free well-toned thigh as proof. As soon as it is
a. wart-free
b. well toned



At 2:51 pm, Blogger Blognor Regis said...

We are on tenterhooks here.

At 4:44 pm, Blogger dND said...

I still believe in the 'rub it with a piece of steak, bury the steak in the garden and as the steak rots the wart goes too' method.

It's not as daft as it sounds as there is supposed to be a link between thinking it gone and making it go - another one of those medical studies that pop up from time to time supporting 'old wives tales'. Something to do with it being a viral type of infection I think.

I had a wart on the side of my hand when young and one day woke up and just knew it was going to go. Lo and behold it disappeared about 6 weeks later never to return.

Anyhow, I hope yours goes quickly and your freezer burn from the liquid nitrogen heals fast too!

Thanks too for rooting for Mr Tibbs. I keep going into the house to check on him and then remember he's not here. The good thing about being at the vets is that they can give him boosters of the coagulating agent if he starts bleeding again plus any other medication he needs. Now I just dread the 'phone ringing, in this case, no news is good news.

At 7:13 pm, Blogger aims said...

You have a wart on your thigh?!

How odd! I always have thought of hands as the place to get them - passing them on and all that.

I'm with Blognor regis..on tenterhooks here too...

At 9:47 pm, Blogger Lehners in France said...

Poor Stew, our Border Terrier is old and warty too! My Mum used to wet a match head and rub the pink (magnesium) on our warts. It always worked. Good luck, I await the post of the well toned thighs, avec beaucoup de bave! Debs x


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