Sunday, June 08, 2008

How English sounds

Over lunch and a few glasses of wine our friend Bernadette told us a phrase that the french reckon, if said quickly, sounds like English:

"Tes laitues naissent-elles? Yes! Mes laitues naissent!"*

So English must sound very sibalent to french ears.

Sge also gave us a phrase that they reckon sounds German, and I agree:

"Baisse ta gaine Berthe que je tate!"**

Said with the right rythm it comes out like "Bestagen bertke schtadt" (Which means nothing in German"

In the spirit of mock language I give you the Swedish chef

*Are your lettuces sprouting? Yes! My lettuces are sprouting.
**Drop your corset Berthe, so I can squeeze your tits.

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At 7:15 pm, Blogger travelling, but not in love said...

'Drop your corset so I can squeeze your tits'?

Truly, a bit of french I can't ever imagine using.....

At 6:07 pm, Blogger nullifidian said...

Bork! Bork! Bork!


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