Tuesday, April 15, 2008

La Vallée des Singes

The weather forecast shows 1 afternoon of sunshine today in amongst all this rain.

So today we're off to La Vallée des Singes. The eggs are hard-boiled, the sausages cooked, the sandwiches packed. I just have to download directions (I've never been, but Fi says they got lost last time they went) and we'll be off for a trip to the Vienne in about half and hour.

I hope the weather comes right. I was up at 7:00 this morning to go to town for a blood test at the Cabinet des Infirmières (Hypertension, cholesterol - full MOT) and it was thick fog and cold. It's still chilly outside now at 10:45

Not too far from La Vallée des Singes is this place. Go on, check it out. These tree houses look like the most romantic place to stay. I want to go.

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At 2:57 pm, Blogger amy said...

Parc de la Belle looks fun, I want to stay in a treehouse!

Thanks for visiting my blog Stew, I'd love to be added to your blogroll.

Hope you had a lovely outing.

At 6:52 pm, Blogger Lucy said...

Hope you had a nice time.

Thanks for visiting. I'm not much of a joiner, and I've always avoided describing myself as an expat blogger, though I suppose that's what I am; in fact blogging was a more of a way to escape from too constrained a destiny! ;~)

I don't really mind whose blogroll I'm on, but since discovering feeds I've got a bit lazy about updating mine...
I think you must have found me at A Bitch about Brittany.

At 4:18 pm, Blogger travelling, but not in love said...

Hope they didn't try and put you in a cage... ha ha

At 8:37 pm, Blogger Breezy said...

Was it good? Would you recommend it?


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