Friday, April 25, 2008

French Taxman supports gay marriage

I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

In today's Charente Libre newspaper is the story of Mr Gérard Chaillou, a habitant of Cognac. he is divorced with one child. As such he is entitled to a family allowance.
He has a friend, who lives alone in a large house. "My mate had a very big house in which he lived alone. He invited me to move into one of the rooms to avoid paying a rent."
This Gérard did, in October 2005, and being a good and conciencous citizen, he noted on his tax forms, that he was staying rent-free.
But he then received a letter from the hôtel des impôts saying that this benefit is only applicable to widows, single parents or divorcees, and "according to their information" Gérard was living "en concubinage" with the man who owned the house. Thus, equivalent to married, no single parent benefit.
Gérard is very bitter about the way he has been treated by the female civil servant in charge of his file. She had always refused to meet with him to discus his case.
"Basically, she's treated me like a homo" said the sixty year old through gritted teeth. The "according to our information" suggests someone had had shopped him.
He moved out of the house, and through a mediator was re-embursed the missing allowances, amounting to about €100 per month.
What has made him bitter was that he received no apologies or any recognition that he has been treated badly.
PS - I've taken some liberties with the translation, not being au fait with french fiscal terms like CSG, RDS and une demi-part fiscale, but I'm not far off the sense of the thing. Anyone who can clarify is welcome.

So civil servants have absolutely nothing against same-sex unions, provided there is some kind of tax to be gained from it. This is the way forward for equal rights. Don't bother arguing about social justice or equality, just find a way to point out to government that they can earn revenue from it. Man those equality laws will be on the books before you can say "ooh get her!"

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At 12:15 am, Blogger aims said...

Grrrrrrrrrr! Don't get me going on this! Well okay -

I needed assisted living due to health problems - and when they learned that there was a man living with me - they made me pay it all back and were going to charge me with fraud! The bastards!

$6,000.00 later - and someone else sues this particular division of the government - and wins! A class action lawsuit that saw me get back half of what I paid them! The Bastards!!

At 11:28 pm, Blogger travelling, but not in love said...

we no longer live the lives that people lived in teh 1950's. 2 people can be single, yet share a house. 2 people of the same sex can have a relationship of the same depth and bredth that two people of opposite sex can have.

governments need to get with the times.

I mean, really!


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