Monday, January 28, 2008

tout en vrac

Spring seems to be coming early this year. The weather has been sunny and mild. The nights clear and frosty. The pigeons have been breeding, and they shouldn't be until well into spring.
Here are two pics of a pigeon just out of its egg. In fact its arse is still stuck in the half-shell. (sounds like something the French would eat actually - "arse of young pigeon in the half-shell")
pigeon chick
pigeon chick
Pigeons lay 2 eggs. The other egg in this nest hatched the next day and as of today (3 days later) they are still doing well. Still ugly. Only their mother could love something like that.

I took advantage of the good weather and the end of my shift cycle to walk the dogs down by the lake. There is a little spillway and the river goes under a bridge....

It was all very tranquil and peaceful, accompanied by the gentle music of distant chainsaws...

This week sees the 35th Annual Comic Book Festival at Angouleme. The guest of homour is José Muñoz. I have had an Alack Sinner book of his for years. We had to go to Angouleme to get some stuff done so I thought I'd track him down and get it autographed. This was Saturday - 2 days ago. I was surprised that traffic was ok and there was still quite a bit of parking in the underground car parks. The streets were crowded and there was a good atmosphere. Here's a pic of some stilted creatures that were walking the streets.

When we found where Muñoz was, it was too crowded, the kids were niggling and you had to pay to get in so, merde.
Alors, a mixed bag of stuff all in one post or, tout en vrac, as they say.

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At 9:45 pm, Blogger katiez said...

What a gorgeous spot - and nice weather....
A friend, from Andorra with a house in France, always complained that they had no birds around their place: "The French ate them all...they'll eat anything!" Sad, but probably true.

At 11:20 am, Blogger The Lehners in France said...

Come on the pigeons are cute. I have chicks due in a few days, can't wait. Love your Border terrier, nice to see another Border co habits with cats !


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