Friday, December 07, 2007

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Just to wring the last drops from the stinky floor-rag that is the Mohamed teddy bear saga. I offer an update teddybears' picnic.
I can't vouch for the source, I found it in the comments section of a post in Barry Beelzebub's rude but excellent blog

If you go down to Khartoum today
You're in for a big surprise:
If you go down to Khartoum today
You'll never believe your eyes.
For every bear that ever there was
Was rounded up at gunpoint because
The rumour was that one had been named Mohammed.

It wasn't really a very bright
Idea to pick that name.
You might have thought it'd be alright,
But better to call him Wayne.
There's folk around who rather enjoy
Being offended by a stuffed toy.
The irony is mostly they're called Mohammed.

Fatwa time for teddy bears
The little teddy bears, the victims of nut-case bigotry.
They had better all beware:
A mullah hides up each and every tree.
They would like to gad about,
They'd like to play and shout
But none of them even dare.
At sunset all the elderly mullahs who disapprove of joy
Will take them home for their evening prayers.

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