Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday's Favorite French Things

The Voiturette.
In our Department Charente(16) you can drive a little car without a driving license provided you are over 16 and the car is under 50c or 4kw and limited to 45 km/h.

This is a remarkable bit of legislation. Because which people are over 16 and need to drive, but have no license? Those who have lost their licenses because of infractions (normally drink-driving) and those who have had their licenses removed because they are no longer capable of driving due to old age and/or poor eyesight and those who are too unco-ordinated, maladroit and clumsy to pass a test.

So the rule is, when you see one of these nasty little putt-putt deisel things going along the road take great care because the driver is probably decrepit or pissed.

Now the latest models look quit flash. Like the picture below, but if you launch the video that follows you'll see a more typical example and you'll understand from the noise why they are called "toutoutou":

voiturette d'enfer - Jubii TV
voiturette d'enfer - Jubii TV

voiturette d'enfer - Jubii TV
voiturette tp bien avec un super bruit et tp belle peinture
Mots-cl├ęs : voiture voiturette formule 1



At 5:58 pm, Anonymous Paul Revere said...

This jalopy reminds me of Monsieur Hulot's vehicle whe he was 'en vacances aux bord de la mer'. Remember the marvelous film by Jaques Tati?


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