Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This mythological cave is the real deal.

A while back in February there was a big hoo-ha over the possible finding of Jesus tomb. No not the rolled stone angels one, another tomb where he was buried after living a nice long life with Mary Magdalene.
Turned out to be some sarcophagi of folk with names vaguely similar.

But this hole in the ground is a different kettle of fish.
The chamber, which is seven-and-a-half metres high and six metres wide, is studded with seashells and mosaics. Part of the grotto appears natural, while part of it has been built.
It was decorated by Augustus, who wanted to establish a religious cult that celebrated the she-wolf. In the middle of the cave is a marble mosaic of a white eagle, the imperial motif.

The cave, known as the Lupercale - Luper is Latin for wolf - was discovered facing the Circus Maximus underneath the palace of the first emperor, Augustus.

Follow the link for a great pic of the mosaic work inside the cave. I look forward to more pics appearing in the news.

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