Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's Favorite French Things

It's booze again. "Sarlanoix" - a walnut aperatif from the Perigord (Sarlat in the Dordogne to be precise). It is delicious and a bottle never lasts long in our house. It is 16% alcohol by volume and drunk chilled.
The reverse translates:
In 1860 Emile Lapouge founded the Perigord Distillery. Legend has it the Emile Lapouge invented Sarlanoix in hommage to the women who shelled the walnuts. In the evening, close to the fire the gatering would start and under the dry blows of the mallet the nut shells would crack open liberating the kernels of the king of Perigord fruits. So that this image would stay forever in memories he created a recipe starting with a brew of walnuts by mashing the kernels and the skin of green walnuts in alcohol. Since then the Sarlanoix has become the legendary drink of the Perigord. Drink very chilled.

While trying to translate the word "ènoiseuses" (the women who shell the walnuts) I found this lovely picture:



At 7:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very helpful - I now know what I am drinking !! I agree it is delicious.

At 11:01 pm, Blogger geoff said...

Hi there,
I am just an old retired Irish export to the Dordogne and am trying my best to integrate with the indigenous hard working country population. A local farmer when we arrived recommended Sarlanoix to us and as we live 12 km’s from Sarlat yeah why not give it a try. I have made many rash decisions in my life but I’m extremely happy and proud to say this has been one of my best.
It retails at 9.50 euros for a litre a bottle sometimes if I'm lucky, but usually 9.50 euros for a 75cl bottle in the local supermarket
It is a sweet aperitif as most aperitifs usually are. But not sickly sweet like a lot of aperitifs.
This has a rich dark brown tranquil smoothness, which is unique and is beautifully original to this old distillery in theheart of the Perigord. The distillery with it’s classical old copper dome shaped pot stills sits in old period original building in a fairytale landscape setting on the outskirts of Sarlat la Canada, in the beautiful Dordogne valley.
These wonderfully shaped aesthetically pleasing copper Pot Stills give Sarlanoix the distinct flavor profile that only these kind of old copper stills can give to Sarlanoix.
This aperitif has a truly memorable and exotic taste and is a testament to the hard working rural ladies of the old Perigord.
If you couple this with the skill of the master distiller who lovingly ply’s his craft to this magical ambrosia and elixir of the Ancient Black Perigord Walnut God. Then you are drinking something really special.
Long my this small expert craft distillery keep producing a quality product. Like this King of King aperitifs amongst aperitifs

Paddy Burrows


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