Thursday, November 15, 2007

Female Genital Cutting

I've just watched a news clip on tv about Female Genital Cutting, or Female Circumcision.
It was based around the story of a young Egyptian girl, Budour Ahmed Shaker who died in June 2007 after having the operation.
The thing that shocked me the most was the statistic, in Egypt 95% of women have endured this procedure. The show was innterviewing women who insisted that without the cutting, women will be out of control and lustful, and will also be unable to marry, as no man would marry a woman who has not been circumcised.
It is truly, truly appaling and barbaric. A tradition that predates Islam and Christianity, and is wholly supported by its victims.
"If a girl is not purified, she will just go hook up with men. This protects women's honor. Otherwise it will become just like America here and girls will go with guys," said Asma Said, a 16-year-old secondary school student.
"Those who say it doesn't happen are lying 100 percent. There is not one person here not circumcised, and it will continue."
She like many of the schoolgirls in Maghagha who spoke to Reuters said they supported the practice, even if they were frightened of having it done.
The only girl who spoke against the practice was shouted down by her classmates until she conceded that genital cutting was a necessity.
"No one can get married without it," said the girl.
Another classmate, 15-year-old Nesma Radi, chimed in: "Egypt lives in peace and security because there is circumcision."

Reuters 20 Aug 2007

Another news story tonight is of a french family that took their 4 year old adopted daughter to hospital. The doctors found a tale of abuse and torure, broken bones, missing teeth, burns, malnourishment, and a failure of neighbours and social services to pick it up.

Stuff like this makes me dispair


At 1:00 pm, Blogger Valleys Mam said...

read Mary Daly's Gyn-Ecology made my hair curl.
I have been campaigning about FMG for years
You would be stunned by how many UK hospitals and Harley street consultants do it.

At 9:11 am, Blogger Debra in France said...

Hi Stew, it never ceases to amaze me that humans can be so cruel to another human and then offer some form of justification for it, in the case of female genital cutting, 'I know this is going to be agony and is a form of torture, but really, it's for your own good'.Thank you for visiting my blog, I am enjoying reading yours.


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