Friday, June 08, 2007

The little french things I love. Part 1

There are a few things in France I can't stand.
I hate the way that "pay as you go" cards for mobile phones have a time limit on them. If I buy a 10Euro card, the thing is only valid for 15 days after I activate it. All the operators are the same, so it must be a cartel.
I hate the way is so much more expensive than, and even It seems the french haven't quite grasped the idea that second hand goods have a lower value than new.

But there are many, many more things that I love. Here I talk about knives, Rabelais and Banania. I'll find some more cute french oddities to share.



At 9:33 pm, Anonymous Blognor Regis said...

Another good film Stew.

Didn't Banania sponsor the Yellow Jersey back in the 1980s? I'd not heard of it outside of that context.

How come you ended up living in France in the first place then?


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