Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr Skinny catches up.

Day 1 of the 6 day shift cycle
Shift 4:00am till midday
Press DTP
Tiles Made: Rives Chartreuse Droit BV - 3200
Tiles Unstacked: Douille GR13, Faitiere demi-ronde, Rives Chartreuse Droit Rge

3200 is not bad considering how many changes of product and colour we had to unstack. Each change involves rinsing out the ongobeuses, changing the colours around, re-starting and regulating the ongobeuses, adjusting the grappins. Plus the transbordeur was "en panne" for nearly an hour. Oh, and with the tiles we were making the top and bottom moulds have to be changed every 2 hours.

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged. Ironically because there has beens so much going on: Sarko gets elected, factory maintenance, parties, Ball-Trap, broken shotgun, cabbage soup diet.

Yes, the dreaded cabbage soup diet. It's the ultimate fad diet. I can't track its pedigree or history. It's alternately known as the "Mayo Clinic" diet or "Sacred Heart" diet, but neither mayo or any Sacred heart hospital will claim ownership of it. There seems to be no solid nutritional science behind it either.

But the bastard works! I kicked off round 1 of the diet Weds 2nd may weighing 87.2kg - 192.2lb. 7 days later, at the end of the diet I was 83.1kg - 183.2lb. That's 9lbs down in a week. I started round 2 a week later on 82.5kg - 181.8lb and here at day 4 I'm already 2.5lb down. I'm going to keep doing 1 week on, 1 week off until I hit my target of 165lb. I haven't been that thin for a decade.

It's very unscientific. All there is to back it up is a pile of anecdotal evidence. Have a look at the forum on the Cabbage Soup Dite page. It's full of stories of 6-10lbs lost in a week.


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