Thursday, April 05, 2007


Godspam - Junkmail for Jesus.

I often get these emails full of treacly, sentimental christian urban legend. They often have a twist at the end to show some message or parable about God & Jesus.

Like the one about the teacher who got his pupils to put up drawings of people they hate and throw darts at the picture. When they had all done he took down the cover that was over the cork board to reveal a picture of Jesus, his hace torn by the dart holes. "In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me." Matthew 25:40


Or the one about the girl walking home alone, and another girl was raped just after she had gone by. When the cops caught the rapist they asked him why he hadn't attacked the first girl. "because there were two big men with her" The girl was a christian and the two men had been her guardian angels


Here's a little example:
> >> It's these small things that I would regret not doing, if I knew my
> >> time had come.
> >> I would regret it, because I would no longer see the friends I was
> > to
> >> meet, or speak to them on the telephone, or send the letters that I
> >> was going to write ... "One of these days".
> >> I would regret and feel sad, because I didn't say to my brothers and
> >> sisters, sons and daughters, not enough times at least, how much
> >> I love them.

See all the response chevrons? Its because the softheads that forward this stuff are too useless to reformat or type, they just think "Aw that's real purty" and hit the reply or forward button.
Also notice how these mails always get forwrded to a pile of people at a time. Often, (and this is very bizare for co-called christians) these mails have superstitious warnings about not forwarding the mail. or they have stuff like "Ashamed of Jesus? then don't forward this"

Why do people forward this crap? Is it because they feel they are doing a good deed? Evangelising? Witnessing? because often the sentiment and theology demonstrated in Godspam is very weak or even plain wrong.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had a short, concise, rational and logical response I could use to respond to Godspam, rather than just deleting it. uch a response is unlikely to have any effect on the worldview of such people, but if it menat they never mailed me another one, it would be worth it.

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At 11:43 pm, Blogger Gary McGath said...

Never reply to spammers, religious or otherwise. It just confirms that they're reaching your address.

At 10:39 pm, Blogger L>T said...

Oh I hate that disgusting drivel, too!

My otherwise intelligent sister sends it to me. I have to just grit my teeth & ignore it. Of course she forwards it to everybody she knows, has no idea wether anybody reads it.

Is it just American christians that are so sentimentally shallow?

At 10:55 am, Blogger Stew said...

L>T: My in-laws post this stuff to me and they're scots. But sometimes the style of writing of the godspam seems to have an American flavour.

The British are excellent at sentimental shallowness, viz the teddy bears that proliferate at public shrines.

At 4:00 am, Blogger L>T said...

Oh yeah, the modern shrine! :) Now that's a subject for a whole post.

American flavor...that's interesting.
It all has to do with American televangelism, I reckon.


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