Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evolution is full of holes

Thank you to Dave the webmaster at exchristian.net He has the ability to put lucidly in a few words what I struggle with foggily in my brain.

Few people would trust a mechanic to perform an appendectomy. Surgeons are generally not solicited to install circuit breakers in newly constructed homes. And people don't usually seek out shirtless road crew members to officiate at weddings or administer communion. Yet, when it comes to evolutionary science, a bible-school-educated religious philosopher's observations are touted as equally as valid as someone with, for example, a doctorate degree in molecular biology? How does that happen?

I have never understood how a minister can even be in the same debate with a scientist. I equate it to a dentist having a debate with someone arguing that the tooth fairy is the one that takes a child's tooth away and leaves a dollar.

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At 8:59 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

I think these people have seen too many B movies where the scientist is forever skeptical about the paranormal happenings until it's too late, and it's either some reckless youth or wise old priest who solves the problem.

When it comes to science, I've always been happy to leave the debates to the scientists. There is absolutely nothing that I can add at my level of understanding. That said, I am scientifically literate and very well read on aa number of subjects. However, it's always baffled me that a pastor who barely graduated from highschool then went to bible college will debate science and history with me and actually think he knows what he's talking about.

At 6:22 am, Blogger Terry S said...

The specious arguments made by preachers, priests, evangelicals, etal are maddening in their lack of any basis in the real world. The notion that evolution is as they say "full of holes" is ludicrous.

Recently at issue is the supposed "holes" in the fossil record that religionists claim puts the lie to evolution. Richard Dawkins aptly points out in his latest book The God Delusion that very few dead animals fossilize, that it is astounding that we have found as many as we have. The "holes" prove nothing.

I suppose it has long been a human trait for some to feel free to expound on issues about which they know little or nothing without regard to the very real damage one can cause in consequence. There are those who would prefer to feed their ever expanding egos than to expand our knowledge.

king aardvark is correct. I am likely less knowledgeable than he as regards science. Nevertheless, I have much greater (though not blind) faith in the scientific community than any egomaniacal evangelist. A true scientist is rarely "mad." Most are dedicated to truth in reality, as far as that can be achieved through scientific methodology.


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