Friday, February 02, 2007

Long overdue factory update

Well - it's finally happened - I'm being taken on full time.

Yippee! It's incredible that they've had me there on a temp (interim) contract for 2 years now. Under french employment law 2 years is the max you can have on a interim contract, and quite right too. If you can employ someone for 2 years it's a pretty good indication that
a. There is enough work for him and
b. He's up for it.

French employment law is a nightmare for employers. the taxes are high and it is very difficult to fire someone.

When my contract ends on 15th february I will be offered a CDI (Contrat à durée indéterminée) I'm not sure what terms I will be able to negotiate, since the salaries are rigidly structured around job function.

On the downside though I've changed team AGAIN. I'm back in Team E, the same team I started with 2 years ago, on the nasty old Mulder machine.
On the plus side I am the team "ajoint" or second IC. So when Pascal goes on leave or is sick I take over.

It's a great relief to have job security, medical aid, paid leave and all that stuff.


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