Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cherves Chatelars

I notice from my web referrals that many people are finding my blog when they do a search on "Cherves Chatelars", the name of the village I live in. I suspect that many of them will not find the information they need if they are searching for gites or b&B or property to buy.
They will tend to find this page via google, part 1 of my little posts about the french resistance in the area.
If you are after more infor about Cherves Chatelars, or looking for "official" sites or tourist sites, do a search with this spelling "Cherves Chatelard" or "Cherves-Ch√Ętelard" which is the older form of spelling.
This page is the official village entry in the villages and districts register. It is in french but has a wee american flag icon to translate to english.
French wikipedia has an article.
Here's were we are in relation to all of France.
Here are all our geographic details.
And these are our demographic details from the March 1999 census.

Finally, if you have any questions, where to stay, what to do, whatever, send me an email at stewart.paterson at wanadoo dot fr


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