Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Xmas Lights

This morning, when I left to do some plumbing, Marco & Stephan were putting the christmas lights up. When I got home there was a big tree in front of the Mairie, and these nice green lights outlining the church's arches.
They have also done their usual trick of attaching little trees to the gates of all the houses. We'll buy a little string of lights and light it up, and also get the kids to decorate some empty box "gitfs" to stick on it.


At 9:47 pm, Blogger MichaelBains said...

Nice lights. Looks like the "War on Christmas" hasn't made it back to the Old World. I'm glad to see it.

Hope your new crew is workin' out great, Stew. See ya.

At 5:56 am, Blogger Nava said...

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At 6:02 am, Blogger Nava said...

That picture makes me miss France soooooooooooo much!
We've traveled through the area of the Medieval villages in northern Provence for one incredible week, and I fell in love with the place.

At 12:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am looking forward to seeing them next week! can't wait!


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