Wednesday, December 27, 2006

An ice-pick for the pigeons

-6 degrees celcius this morning. It's been below zero for the last week, and getting colder. The pigeons water is frozen, so each day at feed time we have to thaw it out with warm water.

The cold is also a worry for my little car. It has had a leaking radiator, and, in topping it up with water I have no idea now what the water/anti-freeze ratio is. It started this morning so it can handle -6 at least. I had to chuck in a bottle of "anti-fuite" to hold the leak until I can get another radiator. It seems to be holding.

We had a SPLENDID christmas, with my brother and his girlfriend over for 2 days. We all ate and drank way too much, so everything went to plan really.


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