Friday, December 22, 2006

First day of winter

Although the cold weather started a few weeks ago.

We are now burning 3 stoves - the new (to us, we bought it second hand for 450 Euros) cuisiniere in the kitchen, the little poêle in the office, and the Godin in the lounge.

The cuisiniere is fantastic. Not only does it bring the kitchen up from 13 degrees to 20 degrees in an hour, but it is also great to cook on. The kettle stays on it permanantly. When tea is required we simply shift the kettle to a hotter part of the stove and seconds later she boils. It takes 50cm logs, the same size as the Godin, which is handy.

The little poêle (pronounced "pwal") burns really easily. It used to be in the kitchen, but was simply too small. The Godin in the lounge is a stately green enamel thing. It is difficult to get it to burn really well. When it does it is splendid.

The downside of these burners is the wood required. Every morning Fiona fills the little chariot with wood from the hangar in the garden and carts it into the 3 rooms.
Here is a pic she took on self timer, dressed in her glamorous french labourer blue.

In interesting grammer note on the word "poêle". La poêle (feminine) is a frying pan, but le poêle (masculin) is a wood burning stove. That happens often in french, the gender of the word changes its meaning. When you learn a new word you must always try and learn it with its participle and practice it with matching adjectives.
ie: Le poêle est vert (the stove is green) but La poêle est verte (the pan is green)


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