Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I melted into a puddle

Day 3 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift midday till 8:00 pm
Press - DTP
Tiles made: Rives 033 Rouge 2100
Dry Tiles unstacked: Douille Littoral

I have NEVER felt it so hot in the factory before. At the DTP it isn't the hottest part of the plant, but there is no air movement. My face was a cascade, I had to tie a bandanna of paper round my head a la Rambo. My shirt was soaked, my jeans were wet from the sweat off my legs. It was terrible. Must have been about 50 degrees celcius. Today I'll take a thermometer in to check.

Didn't make many tiles because we had a broken mould just before 4:00 pm and the transbordeur broke down just before 6:00 and we didn't turn after that.

On a positive note, Laurent was quizzing me about whether I want to stay on at Lafarge. I told him I was thinking of asking the union to put some pressure on and he said don't do it, it will backfire. Unfortunately a lot of what goes on the the factory is down to piston the old French style of who you know and who you've bribed. While we were broken down Nounours asked me to help him set up the STP and showed me how the press works. Either he's finally warming to me or the 2 things are connected and there are things afoot


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