Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You can't argue with the numbers

Day 6 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift 8:00 pm till 4:00 am
Press - Mulder
Tiles made: Ventilation 33 Littoral 5600
Dry Tiles unstacked: Faiteaux Valmagne Cuivre

The end of the 6 day cycle and the chef is pleased with the production. By keeping the press turning we've produced over 5500 tiles each time we've been on the Mulder. That's 500-700 more than normal. It all adds up over time.

Other good news is no heartburn on these last 2 night shifts. It seems the secret is don't eat so much (in general) and don't bother with supper on the night shift. I think my body doesn't know what to do with a stomach full of food while still picking up tiles at midnight.


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