Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sarkozy gets tough - the french seem to like it

I see in Le Figaro that a poll has shown the majority of French are behind Sarko's immigration proposals.

And he has support from both right and left.
Firstly 60% of french are dissatisfied with current immigration situation (75% of the righ-wing, 56% of the left)
76% felt Sarko's new plans were "justified" (81% right, 76% left)
Sarko recently commented in the press "some do not like France, No one is stopping them from leaving" The poll showed that this comment showed some divisions between right and left and between generations, but not as much as was expected.

Sarkozy is proposing that immigrants undergo compulsory citizenship training and french language training. There are also proposals to limit immigration to people possesing skills currently in demand - in the restuarant services, building services etc.


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