Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here we go again

Day 1 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift 4:00 am till midday
Press - Mulder
Tiles made: Marseilles 40 Rouge - 3989
Dry Tiles unstacked: Ventilation 33 Ochre

Start of a new cycle. I was having such a great dream, I was quite grumpy to get up at 3:00 am.
Nounours is on 3 weeks holiday (2 cycles) and so Laurent is in charge. I like Laurent, but GeGe doesn't so it could get tricky.

The chain was full for the whole shift, so stacking was a real pain. We were always having to make space by re-orgainsing the tiles already put on the chain by the previous shift.

3989 is not a great figure but not bad considering we had somne set-up problesm and had to wait for the chain a few times. I was quite tired at the end of it.
I had big plans for the afternoon, to clear out the pigeon loft and get in a few trips to the tip. In the end I only managed to clear it out. Didn't feel up to the tip trip. Now that it's all clear I see there is a lot of patching to do under the eaves or the birds will bugger off. I'll have to get down to the hardware store and get some chicken wire.


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