Saturday, May 20, 2006

Head for thie hills! The Tsunami is coming

On May 25th a fragment of the comet 73PS will crash into the Atlantic Ocean triggering and undersea earthquake and the resulting Tsunamis will devastate coastal Europe and the United States.

So far so plausible. Then go to the Eric Julien's Save Lives in May website and try and learn more from the man who made these predictions.

It came to him in a vision. Oh.
It was verified by crop circles. Oh dear.
That were placed by Aliens. Oh dear, oh dear.
And its all part of an intergalactic political struggle because humanity's nuclear testing is disrupting alien life on other parallel universes.

Good Grief.

I've spent the last 2 days having a whale of a time on the site's forum where there are some seriously deluded, scared,misguided and downright lunatic people about.
And a few sensible skeptics too, trying to show a bit of logic and reason, and trying not to fall off the chair laughing.

But really some of the folk there are pretty hurt and messed up mentally and it is not fair to laugh. Others tho' are so flakey and into alternate reality and aliens they obviously thought Deep Space Nine was a documentary.


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