Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grumpy as hell

Day 5 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift 8:00 pm till 4:00 am
Press - Mulder
Tiles made: Marseilles 40 Rouge 4800
Dry Tiles unstacked: Ventilation Littoral, Faitiere No.1 Brun Masse, Rives a Rabat Droite Rouge Veilli.

Once again you can see how much time gets wasted when there are changes of product to be unstacked.
First we had to rince out the ongobeuse of the black glaze the previous team had used. Then load up the 3 colours required for Littoral. It was then we discover that 1 of the 4 turbines on the big ongobeuse has no drive belt and is not working, but we struggle on. When the Littoral are finish we stop everything, rince out the ongobeuses, re-adjust the grappins and continue with the Faitieres in Brun Masse -ie: no glaze. And when those are done, we stop everything again, load the ongobeuse with the Rouge Veilli, re-adjust the grappins and continue with the Rives a Rabat.
The mechano, meantime has to fix the brocken drive belt while the ongobeuse is in action. he gets very messy.
The little Rive tiles keep getting jammed in the belst because they are only just big enough to fit. When the jam in the ongobeuse I got covered in glaze getting them out. If you are not quick off the mark the jammed tile causes others to back up and fall all over the floor wasting time and tiles.
Towards the end of the shift this was happening all the time. The air was blue with my cursing because I could never catch it happening. When there is a jam I have to stop the belts to stop tiles piling up and the jam getting worse. When I get back to my post and restart the system I am far from the place where the jams happen.
And we were too short handed (because an extra person is required to turn the tiles over as the come out of the descenseur) for soemonee to watch the place where it was happening.
At the end of the shift and I'm cleaning up the tiles that are on the floor I notice that one of the supports for the belts has slippd and was acting as a brake on the belt. This made the belts run at different speeds so the tiles would skew, fall and jam. Aarrgh. MERDE!


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