Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fizz! Bang!

Yesterday we were cleaning out the old pigstys, which we hadn't touched since we bough the place. They are in a little stone building, very low roof, and hay stored on the upper deck.
The floor boards are very rotten on the hayloft and hay had fallen through, together with stones, old tiles and untold years of junk from previous owners.
As I'm raking up the straw, I found this:

Big nasty LIVE anti-tank or anti-aircraft round. I didn't want the police around causing hassles if it wasn't necessary so I showed it to the neighbours and the mayor(who was in the village hall participating in the VE Day dinner/dance). All agreed that the Gendarmes should be called.
I called the Gendarmerie (only Roumazieres was in business due to VE Day). They said to bring it round. So I popped it into a bucket of sand and drove it round to the cop shop.
They look at it and say "Quand meme!" which loosely translates to "gosh!" But there was no greta surprise. No questions about how it got there, were there any more, are you an international arms dealer etc. etc.

It doesn't look 60 years old to me, but it would be cool, in light of some of the posts I've done on the local Resistance, and what with finding it on VE Day if it was WWII munitions.


At 1:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mon Dieu!!!! <------I hope that is the correct spelling! I thought that it was a rusty, nasty old sex toy when I first saw the picture! I bet you avoided bumps in the road when you were driving to hand it in......:-)Love Jane xxx

At 1:50 pm, Blogger Jane said...

Okay - now I have signed onto this blog-business! Hello Stew, this is your relative!


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