Monday, May 01, 2006

Crap Puns

The french love puns. And "Double Entendre" isn't a french phrase for no reason - theya are the masters. This is why it is very difficult to get a straight answer out of a frenchman. He would rather answer with a pun or a dirty double entendre.

An example: Last night, a neighbour was telling us how a piece of corrugated iron (tôle ondulé) blew over and injured his dog. The dog needed sutures in its leg. The moment he said "tôle ondulé" his wife said "comme les vaches ont du lait".

"ont du lait" and "ondulé" sound the same.


My wife asked another neighbour if she could use his mini-plough to plough her vegetable patch. Well, I thought he was going to have an anurism, such an opportunity for double entendre.


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