Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trompez-vous pas les robinets!


While posting a comment on Tina Cakesniffer's blog I was led to the markings on french taps.

French for cold is froid and so the cold taps have an F on them. No big deal.
French for hot is chaud and so the hot taps have a C on them.

A C like for Cold.

This causes no end of confusion for the English in France. Luckily, no chance of scalding in England because Mary Creagh (NuLabour) MP for Wakefield is calling for a bill for thermostatic valves to be fitted to baths to regulate water temperature. It will apply to all new and refurbished homes. The valves would set bath tap water temperature to a maximum of 48C - many boilers currently store hot water at 60C to kill bacteria. A similar law comes into force in Scotland in May and legislation has already been passed in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4852630.stm (includes picture of bath taps - value added)


At 5:29 pm, Blogger staghounds said...

Words fail. What next, hand rails along all my walls?

Like your blog., I'll keep reading.

At 8:50 pm, Blogger Stew said...

Merci, t'es sympa

The hand rail bill has been delayed in parliament to allow more time for debate of the Compulsory Earthing of Electric Toothbrushes bill.


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