Thursday, April 13, 2006

My English is very good

Day 4 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift midday till 8:00 pm
Press - PZ45
Tiles made: Faiteaux Xahara - 5300
Dry Tiles unstacked: Faiteaux Littoral, Demi-Ronde 33 Noire

There was a new interimaire helping us today turning the Faiteaux over as they were unstacked. Poor young chap was there for about 5 hours turning tiles. he asked me how long I had been there as an interimaire.
"Depuis janvier"
"Ah bien"
His little face fell.

This morning I was at the mairie, asking Yvette for help on tax forms. There was an English chap there and his teenage daughter. seems they've been in France for a year, and her 1 year at school here has improved her French so that she has to tag along with Dad to translate for him. Anyway, they are still having some difficulties and I help out a bit. As they are leaving he asks if I am English. The Zimbabwean accent always throws people. So instead of saying yes, like an idiot I explain that I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and only spent 13 years in England.
"Ah well, yoyr English is excellent" he says. I was too slow-witted to tell him English is my mother-tongue and then, the moment had passed and it would have been too embarrasing.
Next English folks come into the mairie, and Yvette introduces me and the young lady and her parents all say they know me. I make my standard apology about how crap I am with names and faces, and then it becomes clear that they are in the mairie to organise a wedding. The young lady is Alison (Admittedly i've only met her twice) but I know her husband well from the cafe. We've already received an invite to the wedding. What it amounts to is admitting that I don't recognise the bride of a wedding I'm going to. More embarrasment.


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