Sunday, April 02, 2006

a curse?

Day 3 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift midday till 8:00 pm
Tiles made: Rive Chartreuse Gauche BV - 2700
Dry Tiles unstacked: Douille Chartreuse Xahara, Rive Chartreuse Droite BV

The man-flu is actually quite a shitty cold with cough. I was this far from calling in sick. I figured I could always come home if I felt really shite.

First, the tapis bascule wouldn't bascule (the tilting conveyor belt wouldn't tilt). That took an hour and a half to fix. Then, the press hadn't been very well set up and the pressure and trimmer had to be adjusted a few times. The upper moulds would stick as they became worn, and the placqeur threw a bolt.

Sometimes it seems like the team is cursed. The annoying thing is that the team after us always makes the same tiles so they arrive and get going on a well set-up press and produce good numbers.

at least tomorrow we're doing the same thing so we should be more productive.


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