Friday, April 28, 2006

Busman's Holiday

So I work in a tile factory hoiking tiles around all day and all night. And on my days off what am I doing? Helping some friends relay a roof and hoiking tiles about!

That's not me on the roof, I'm behind the camera.
It's killer work. Spending all day on a slope, my thighs are killing me and I've got blisters on my feet. Luckily these guys (who are pro roofers, they pulled me in to labour) have got a tile hoist. So instead of lumping the tiles up and down on a ladder they get winched up and down. Yesterday we took the tiles off 1 third of the roof, and got it insulated and felted. Today we put the tiles back on. Tomorrow we'll take the tiles of the next third. A nice sunny day and I was in a vest. Had to put my shirt back on after a few hours before I became a Rosbif.


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