Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Accident Fallout

Day 2 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift 4:00 am till midday
Press - Mulder
Tiles made: Demi Ronde 33 Noir - 3100
Dry Tiles unstacked: Demi Ronde 33 BV

My cold is getting better. The press buggered us about for the first half of the shift, tiles kept sticking in the ebarbeur (trimmer). I pointed out to Nounours that they wern't cutting well at the back, but he just tried more elaborate tricks to push off the offcuts that were clogging the ebarbeur.
Anyway, he buggered off at 8:00 am for a training cours and Julien (ju-ju) took over. I told him what I thought, he looked at the ebarbeur, ajusted it and hey presto! she ran as sweet as a nut.

And unstacking the BV demi-rondes we had made yesterday, because the magic adjusting plate was in place on the filiere we didn't have to wipe every one with a sponge. Bonus.

We finished at 11:00, in time to clean up and go to an 11:30 safety meeting following the bloody hand accident. Philippe will be off work for over a month. The bosses say we've been masking mechanical faults by "getting by" and bad habits. What we must do is stop the press and get the mechanics to fix things, even if everything stops for hours.

The message of the day "No matter what happens, it is not worth the risk. Never intervene on a running machine"


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