Friday, March 24, 2006

What a crap day

Day 4 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift midday till 8:00 pm
Tiles made: Ventilation Rouge - 4700
Dry Tiles unstacked: Rives Corner Rouge Veilli

The spanner, apparantly, was "completement morte"

A crap, crap day. The little Rives Corners we were unstacking are a nightmare. They are quite small and often get caught vetween the belts of the conveyors if they are not perfectly lined up. And the Rouge Veiili colouring they were getting involves passing them under a turbine sprayer to get a coat of red (where they would get stuck) and then the conveyor goes round a bend (where they get stuck) before going under a black and then grey powderer. And the two poweders need constant nannying.

Then, just before the halfway break there was a team meeting. The boss said he was pleased with the team and was putting Anthony and David on training courses with the aim of giving them fulll-time contracts later. These two have been temps at the factory for about a year, while I've been there for 15 months. I was so angry and dissapointed at apparantly being passed over. Anthony's not even particularly useful, he's tall and goofy and a bit switched off.

At the end of the shift I collared the boss alone and told him I was disappointed. He asked how I knew I was not being offered a full-time contract if no-one had spoken to me about it. He said he was very pleased with my work and nothing has been finalised.

Maybe I missunderstood something either in the meeting or in what he was saying to me at the end.


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