Wednesday, March 29, 2006

That is so goddam French

The cafe over the road from our house is run by Michel & Monique Berengeuer.
Michel has a big Gallic mustache and I've been hunting with him a few times.
His Renault 4 (left) usually stinks of dogs and fish.
Today I see he has removed the bench seat from the front (c'etait mort) and replaced it with - a plastic garden chair.

Et le ceinture de sécurité ?
Et quand tu friene - tu arrette mais le siège continue?
Non, je l'ai bloque devant
OK d'ac.

I try hard not to generalise about people or resort to cliché, but bugger me, it's difficult.


At 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I assume he fitted the chair after his 'incident' with the exhaust pipe? Peut-être le puer l'oxyde de carbone était plus fort que le puer les poissons et les chiens ainsi a-t-il dû changer la chaise ?
(Jane suggests....)


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