Thursday, March 23, 2006

A spanner in the works

Day 3 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift midday till 8:00 pm
Tiles made: Rive corner - no idea how many 2500?
Dry Tiles unstacked: vent terron, BV, faitieres 1/2 ronde RV

A metaphore come to life. We were using the Baby meuleuse to make these little rives. These tiles hadn't been made for over a year and the machine was giving all sorts of trouble. It was bust for about 2 hours while the engineers fussed over it.

We finally got going again at 4:00 pm. Three and a half hours later, just at the end of the shift something blocks the filiere (Play-do/toothpaste tube clay former thing). Normally its a lump of dry clay or somesuch, and Nounours tells me to clear the thing and then call it a day.
So I'm poking about with a screwdriver trying to prise something out of the filiere, when I realise that what's blocking it is hard and metallic. So I fetch the torch and call Nounours. He has a look and laughs.

It seems that when the mechanics were clearing up, one of them couldn't find his 10mm pipe spanner(cle a pipe dix). Looks like we've just found it blocking the filiere. He must have put it down near a port hole to the meuleuse and it fell in.

Lucky it didn't cause some serious damage to the machine.

And a nice present for Barcelona and the arriving shift - they et to disassemble and clear the filiere before they can start work!


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