Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Le Zone de Dilbert

Day 1 of the 6 day shift cycle. Shift 4:00 am till midday
Tiles made: Ventilation BV - 3500
Dry Tiles unstacked: Marseilles 40 Rouge, Marseilles 50 Rouge

A nice easy day because at about 10:45 the transbordeur had a break-down. This meant that the newly pressed tiles could not be taken away, nor fresh chassis delivered. So we swept up for the last hour and a half.
Sometime I must try and describe the way dawn creeps up while your stuck on the press, slowly lighting up the factory skylights. The spring equinox has passed and the sky starts to get light now at 6:30 am. It's getting warm too, T-shirt temperatures today.

As to the title of the post, it seems some jobsworth in the office has decided to normalise the names of all the products. Fair enough. Turns out the same tile might have different name in the factory, the stock yard and the customer catalog. Could be confusing.
So our A3 planning sheets that are posted up showing what each team is making (during the 3 shifts per day on a 10 day period) now shows the standardised product names. And today we made Faitiere/Aretiere a Emboitement de 33.
Which used to be called Ventilation 33.

The type size to fit that lot in on the planning is tiny and illegible.
No-one in the factory knew what the hell a "Faitiere/Aretiere a Emboitement de 33" was.
All the accessories for the press and accompanying documention refer to "Ventilation 33"
If it is made on our press, the Mulder, it is by definition a faitiere (ridge) tile. Our press only makes faitieres, so to repeat the word all over the planning is tautological.
In a noisy factory, when you're shouting at each other, it doesn't help to have to ask "is the next charge going the be the Faitiere/Aretiere a Emboitement de 33?" when you could ask if it's going to be the Ventilations.

Quelle bande de cons.


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